12th Full Moon_Agency/Order: BigQ

“I trust the power I have and can achieve my dreams today –

I am a force of Nature.”




Sweet Masculine Sovereign, will you walk a multitude of paths with me, in search of the divine masculine that does not use dominance to reinforce agency or cultivate order?

Sweet Sovereign, I have heard of the masculine as immature, controlling, patriarchal, self-centered, greedy and merciless. Please show us something different to broaden our story and create new possibilities for the future…

Be with this time of reclamation, knowing we are the legacy bearers of the sweet masculine sovereign, the one that speaks of destiny as though it is here to grab, not from, but with, allowing for no permission or forgiveness to be needed. The world is change and you can step with this transforming reality, in power, creativity and responsibility, not with force, but in cooperation allowing power to emerge organically in collective conversation and action. You are a divine being, with a divine mind, a divine destiny, who moves with divine purpose, erecting boundaries that protect your magnificent balanced and brilliant energy.

Mary Parker Follett wrote,

“The skillful leader . . . does not rely on personal force; he controls his group not by dominating but by expressing it. He stimulates what is best in us; he unifies and concentrates what we feel only gropingly and scatteringly, but he never gets away from the current of which we and he are both an integral part. He is a leader who gives form to the inchoate energy in every man. The person who influences me most is not he who does great deeds but he who makes me feel I can do great deeds. . . . Who ever has struck fire out of me, aroused me to action which I should not otherwise have taken, he has been my leader.” 

Sweet Masculine Sovereign, we at CLN experience you as a deep listener, as one who is without stagnant dogma, who is willing to suspend certainty and welcome a multitude of possibilities, paths and perspectives. We have committed ourselves to walking with you Sovereign aka Agency-Order, because we think your divinity might be findable through all paths, whether by stone stairs or wooden stairs or bamboo steps or rope ladder, our shared paths for the cultivation of power will allow us to reconcile what we want with what is realizable.

“I trust the power I have and can achieve my dreams today –

I am a force of Nature.”



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