The Gift – Day 8 – Quest pt 2

02_2nd Water_FINAL

Re-Quest-er on a quest!!! Questing quest-tion!!! 

You are a hero on a hero’s journey, you are a villain on a villain’s journey, you are a side kick on a side kick’s journey, you are a witch, an elder, a village, the path, the earth, the adventures you have, and the plots you weave and un-weave. You have called forth and been called forth to the perfect story for you. Through your story you will be victorious in finding and becoming more of yourself and gifting yourself to the world.


Quest through the last 13th moons with us and reflect on the last year as a hero’s journey.

  • What were the main tasks/calls to adventure?
  • How did you refuse the calls?
  • How did you rise to the occasion and take the adventure?
  • Who/what supported you?
  • Who/what challenged you? 
  • What sacred sites, ancient wisdoms, tools/weapons/healing elixirs, and/or paths did you find? 
  • What have you brought back to your life, your people, and yourself?
  • Who are you now, having met these parts of yourself in your journeys?
  • What adventures are the heroes, villains, side kicks, etc… being called to now?

    Share with us here #CLNthegift 


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