The Gift – Day 17: Quit your day job pt 3

many of us living within a white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy sell our time for money. today, can you pay extra attention to the ways that you are already engaging with and even creating other systems that are more liberating than the dominant oppressive institutionalized systems?

allow the three card spread to support your amplified sensitivity to how revolutionary and resilient you already are…

with your circuits fully activated and your


between inhale exhale

breathturn inhale

breathturn exhale

allow the affirmations of the FeelerHealer of Fire, Second Water, and AlchemistArtivist of Water to be the lens through which you see how you are Courageously Living Now despite the limitations of capitalism –whether or not you quit your day job!

“I am a daredevil in integrity, fearless and fun”

 “My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well”

“I am in harmony with the universe and benefit from all its power and love”

share what you notice here: #CLNthegift



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