The Gift – Day 20: Qi pt 2

02_2nd Water_FINAL

Let the 2nd Water here be a guided meditation, an internal asana (a yoga pose), a kata (a set of kung fu moves), a dance routine, a prayer, an instruction, a schematic, an equation, a sheet of music, etc…

Try this:

Sit or stand comfortably in a meditative position and let the visuals of this card guide your energy. Let your thoughts, emotions, sensations, attention, etc… be moved by and move like this image.  Notice your life force, the Qi, that which moves through your body as sensation, thought, emotion, and energy. If words are helpful, say “My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well” again and again as you follow the image and your experience of it. Send this practice through the the last 13 moons, through all the moons you’ve lived in this body, and all the moons you will ever live. Meet it again and again, right here right now, with fresh, receptive, following, guiding, awareness. Clear, grow, and focus your Qi in the radiating love coming from and to you in wellness.



see you in the Multiverse…



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