NewMoon14 – 1st Multiverse- Nurtured Universe: Q1

“My dear Universe, thank you.” 

21_Multiverse_Nurtured Hayoka_FINAL


Oh Multiverse, you mountain spring-ocean womb, midwife-motherfather-you and me,

Oh multiverse the many uni-versed manifestation of an immeasurable soul soliloquy

Oh Multiverse, mingling eternal, internally mixing, multidimensional-mycelium-movement flowing through nothing into nothing

birth our people, the everything and nothing, in our gorging gorgeous creativity.

voice of the unseen Heart ache grieving tears to nurture planets here and away Multiverse

this stardust existence calling upon distant relative wisdom expressed through sunlight steps, soft shadow dances, ancient animal cries, the why’s(wise) with no answer, being beyond

U-N-I plant this verse of gratitude, and sprout and bloom and seed and wilt,

Multiverse I pray every night, spell casting with ancestors shamanic sight the magic and medicine of the Multiverse is ready, set, go…

songs of rivercomet, blackhole explosion, volcano forming, continents shifting as planets are birthingdying, revolvingresolving

The Multiverse, intergenerational ritual of awakening oneself and one Self, ultimate lie and truth,

The Multiverse we be, people planted at our knees, rooted seeds, the only way we move is as energy

The Multiverse pregnant with luscious mystery expanding into me out of me simultaneously swimming flying i am lying naked in bed with the

Sweet MultiVerse, nectar of my soul buzzing through trillions of I’s

Sweet Multiverse, We, this gift of love, a precious seed, we accept it, will keep, will water it, look after it and nurture it

Sweet Multiverse

Pollinate me and teach me how to fly on the wings of everything, in my own skies

Multiverse glory to this cosmic garden: hands of dirt, head as sun, heart beats to nature’s hum, nurtured garden, fed body and soul.

and our epic infinite love making is gestating the

We Multiverse, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet We Multiverse

We Multiverse, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet we

We, Multiverse.


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