Waxing Half Moon 14 – 2nd Multiverse – DarkestDustCloud/BrightestStar Universe – Big Q

21_The Multiverse_DarkDustCloud:BrightestStar

“We are the weavers of harmonic dynamic tension – Darkness is the Source, Light is the expression of the source, Life is the sacred dance between both.” 


Sister Sister, Sister Brother, Brother Sister, Brother Brother, we are the DarkestDustCloud/BrightestStar Universe. We seeded this iteration of the earth and wove our intelligence and intentions into your DNA millenniums ago. We come from the stars, then the waters, then the land, and now back to the stars we go, connecting the heavens and the earth with more weaving.

We are creators of the Word.

Your stream of consciousness, when in word form is like a scrolling marquee from our blue star system; Sigi, Po, & Eme Ya Tolo. You may know us as Sirius, or the Dog Star.

Dog God, Wolf Flow.

We tamed each other, U n I, and you came to know us as God, we are The Holy Trinity, the God who’s words formed the Galaxy.

“Let there be Light.”

Our light is the brightest Star in the sky. We shine so bright because we are close to you, because we are twice the size of your sun, but we shine 25 times brighter. Sigi Tolo, our White dwarf, acts as a small Blackhole, sucking in the light from Po Tolo, amplifying it, and spinning it back out to you on Earth.  We are so bright because of our darkness.

Darkness is not a synonym for evil, bad, hard, ugly, unwanted, etc… Darkness is the source, the emptiness from which all things flow, the fabric of the universe, soil, the original peoples on earth etc….

Light is not a synonym for God, good, right, beautiful, desirable, in grace, etc… Light is the expression of the source, the original form of creation, and the source of all other forms on earth.

We are the weavers of harmonic dynamic tension through duality. The word creates separation in order to see ideas, experiences, and forms as unique, in order to have a multi-perspectival experience of the one.

The light is the word, the dark is the place where the word comes from. The light is the tree and the dark is the soil. The seed of the tree is the weaving of light and dark together, like we are the weaving of our male and female parents.  The source, splits into duality, duality splits into multiplicity. Sister Sister, Sister Brother, Brother Sister, Brother Brother, of the DarkestDustCloud/BrightestStar Universe, pull your words from source and seed a multiverse in harmonic dynamic tension.

What words have you seeded your universe with in this cycle of your life? What do you find yourself repeating? What repeats in your space? You, like us, have the power of creation, and the seed of life inside you. Will you create consciously today? Look to the seed before you look to the tree, see the tree when you look at the seed and the seed when you look at the tree, look to the soil before you look at the seed, look to the source of the fabric of space before you look to the soil.

Plant your Multiverse again today.



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