Waxing Half Moon 14 – DarkestDustCloud/BrightestStar Universe – Q3 – Quench n Quell

Some scholars translate the sanskrit Bodhi, the understanding of the nature of things a buddha achieves, as Enlightenment, others translate it as Extinguishment.

What if it’s actually both?

What is enlightened and what is extinguished as we come into the peace and liberation of understanding the nature of ourselves, each other, the universe, and the very nature of existence?

Spend sometime enlightening; Bring awareness, consciousness, and expression to your awakening today. 

Spend sometime extinguishing; Bring release, emptiness, no thing and no self ness, and surrender to your awakening today. 

#GetIt !!!!

Share some creative expressions that come from your extinguishing enlightenment: #CLNdarkestbrightestseed


21_The Multiverse_DarkDustCloud:BrightestStar

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