Waxing Half Moon 14 – DarkestDustCloud/BrightestStar Universe – Q5 – Quiet

Today world weaver, stop doing long enough to get quiet, until you can hear some core aspect of dynamic tension in yourself and in your life. Where are imperialist paradigms fighting with indigenous practices? Where are you pulled in opposing directions? Where do you want two very different things? What dissonant stories do you keep telling? What coinciding experiences are you challenged to reconcile?

Pick one point of dynamic tension at a time and practice harmonzing them by first harmonizing with them.

Literally hum/belt out/whistle/or make some kinda sound that describes each side and then find what note, rhytmn, melody, or tone harmonizes both of them. If sound isn’t what’s needed, harmonize them in movement or words, mandalas or paintings, plants or story telling, start subtle before you start harmonizing concepts, but go there if its helpful… Main thing is to notice the dynamic tension and then practice harmonizing.


Share some of that holy harmony here #CLNdarkestbrightestseed


21_The Multiverse_DarkDustCloud:BrightestStar

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