The Surrendered Universe Q1

“I trust fall into my deepest desires.”

21_The Multiverse_Balanced Release

I’m Falling!

I’m Falling.

I’m Falling?

The gravity of this CreativelyLiberatedNebula is Weighing on me
This cape of air, hair, skin on SoulSoles makes me feel like I can take off and fly
there seems to be plenty of Space
I never seem to get very high
Then I chose to sit and meditate, seemed like jumping wasn’t helping me elevate
Maybe I will levitate, give over my fate to eyes hung low, breath followed to and fro, sensations become what I know
Sweet Intimacy
Sweet Tenderness
Sweet Givingness
Sweet Embrace
Sweet Faith
Sweet GodUs-GodIs-Goodness
I am the drop and the wave in an ocean unfathomable
I must be ocean too
You appear to be dew too
Sweet Salvation, Become a child again
know innocence
Sweet relinquishment
Sweet Submittance
Sweet Crumbled Heart
Amnionic Water Sac Baby
Climb down
Fluidly moving through shadowed potential
Back down
Sun so bright
Many suns at night
moonlight songs
 call it lullaby’s service
call it a battle cry
raise and wave the flag
drop your defenses
give over, give in…


I have given in? I’m falling.

I have given over. I’m falling.

I have given way! I’m falling.


What is Surrender for you CreativelyLiberatedNebula?

Kin of the Darkest Dust Cloud Brightest Star.



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