The Surrendered Universe Q3: Quest

In the process of birth (literal and/or metaphorical) and the journey to death, we humans may find ourselves holding on to the edge instead of fully letting go, which can lead to the experience being more painful and longer than it might otherwise be.

Are you ready to free-fall into your deepest desires or is there a metaphorical edge you are hanging on to?

Today, take a look at what you are grasping, clenching, holding onto — identify any and all the tiny insecurities, conceived notions, fears, beliefs, people, material things, etc. that are keeping you from your full expression of yourself as the magical multiverse you are. 

Imagine you are holding them tight in your hands, and if you are able, clench your fists as if you are holding on to the edge of something for dear life. 

And then let go. 

Open your hands and imagine your free-fall.


Repeat this mini-quest as often as needed until your body trusts you to trust the universe.



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