Birth of Fire Q1

“everyday I am inspired by the creativity that flows through every cell of my body.”

01_Birth of Fire_Formatted

Moved by the spark of creativity

Held by the flame of desire

Each moment aflame with possibility

subtle smoldering embers or roaring snapping flame, what desire is burning inside you?

The birth of Fire offers an opportunity for transformation, (r)evolution, the practical magic of changing consciousness at will.

Is there a change of behavior you’d like to see in those around you? In the world? In your loved ones? How could YOU be the spark that inspires action in others? What potentially edgy action do you hear calling you to be an even bolder, truer, and more authentic version of yourself?

Today is a day for listening to what your will is willing you to do…

the birth of fire will call forth action as it warms your will.


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