9th Earth Q1

“I find stillness in the infinite momentum of life

and create consciously, abundance flows.”

09_9th Earth_FINAL

Live life, appreciate gains, celebrate the journey and watch abundance flow!

You’ve made it. Its time to release your load. Its time to rest your rainbow soles. The sunflower fields of family and community reflect the what we’ve seeded, and what we’ve taken the time to go back and fetch like the sankofa. Its been set to, its been gotten, we’ve arrived.

Now, earth bearer, take a moment to remember what’s been lost on this momentous journey.

Notice your breath, calling on those blessed lungs to calm your E(nergy)motion. Just be with whatever has arisen disks deliverer.

Pentacle porter, maybe you have lost loved ones, possessions, opportunities and/or abilities.

Grieve your losses and mourn what’s passed.

Now, check out what you’ve gain, feel its weight within, notice what’s come into your life because of the space that was emptied by loss.

Notice the places were peace has moved in, were satisfaction has taken shelter, were fulfillment has unpacked and creativity has burst forth.

Notice your home, that divine guesthouse known as you. Some say what goes around comes around; you’ve opened doors, now doors are open; you’ve seized the moment, now the moment is yours; what divine reciprocity.

So you earth bearer, disk deliverer, pentacle porter, what might it be time to lose, so that you may invite in that which has already set forth and is ready for your welcome?


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