15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – q6 – Qongratulations

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

In 2007 I had the insane privilege of walking what is now called “Camnio de Santiago”, which was once was a Gaelic pilgrimage, then Moorish, then Catholic, to the site of Saint James’ tomb, or beyond to the original “Fin Estera”, the end of the earth, the north western most point of Spain where the sun returns through the underworld carrying any prayers or pilgrimage offers of forgiveness, and rebirth.  Often after miles of walking, we would reach the top of a hill or mountain and look back at where we came. It was always amazing to see the landscape we had just traveled and to see how far we had come.

Today, is a good day to look back at the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, physical, and creative distances you’ve traveled in your life’s journey (or with a particular part of your journey) and to marvel and rejoice. Good Work!!! Take a mountain pose at the precipice you stand on now and enjoy your journey so far.


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