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On this day for-giving gratitude, abundance, community, blessing and so much more; cln asks that we sit with that which is “for-giving”. Remember, we are working with the infinite and its expression through our creative potential and capacity.

Where do the gifts that come with our creative for-givingness want to go today?

I remember ThangsTaken on Thanksgiving, and move my creative capacity toward the forgiveness it takes to forgive others. Something softer exists underneath forgiving another, my anger and desire for the past, it is a deep sadness, guilt, shame, pain for having lost that which was in my symbiotic stewardship (self-defense), for my response was not enough to stop the taking. Can we find some self forgiveness on this day? Some gifts of gratitude that help us honor that the infinite begins here. Can we call in the spirits that have walked with us, teaching us, those who have been our examples of dignity in the face of loss. What gifts of freedom does your creative capacity “for-giving” all those who still suffer because of the lost path? How do we energize the spirit of infinitude now, calling in the many sacred ancestral gifts, that will help us re-member with that which has been lost.

There are many paths that come into sight when our creative spirit is awoken and re-sourced. Connect with the energy of dreams manifest, and place Just-us (justice) into the present.

Where do the gifts that come with our creative for-givingness want to go today?


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