9th Water Q2

This is said in the sexiest way you can imagine, “I am the 9th Water, I bring with me inner fulfillment and bliss, emanating outward to reach everyone possible, this is akin to the presence of Water in the world, in and around everything. This is a time of wish fulfillment, getting what you want, satisfaction, enjoying what is, and sensual pleasure, the exploration of the senses, the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings present. One is encouraged to seek out pleasure and enjoy the body in every way. It’s important to make the time to simply enjoy one’s own feelings, to revel in the sense of calmness and joy. Pure indulgence and self-satisfaction is a part of the holistic path, touching the dreamer within. These secret silent places of desire can feed us strength and wonder when we find acceptance and allowance-giving permission to self for the abundance of creative energy to flow into the world.”


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