7th Water Q2: Quote

“…when those two pillars of Western humanism, individual cognition and evolutionary continuity, lose their meaning, language loses meaning. Existence ceases for the individuum as we know it, and all becomes chaos. You cease to be a unique entity unto yourself, but exist simply as chaos. And not just the chaos that is you; your chaos is also my chaos. To wit, existence is communication, and communication, existence.” 
― Haruki MurakamiA Wild Sheep Chase

“It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.” 
― Hiromu Arakawa

“Upset The Established Order Of Your Life And Everything Becomes Chaos…To A Degree That You Wont Be Able To Differentiate Between Mere Illusions And Solid Reality” 
― Sherif A. El-MawardyThe Truth Behind Truth: What Lies Beyond…

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