7th Water Q4: Quest pt 1

did you find your ally, creative one?

if so, you are ready for your quest:

re-visit the list of seven messes you identified in Q1. select one to share with your ally, and ask them to share one of theirs.

next, decide together on a creative process you wanna use to get through both of your messes. could you work on a collective collage, painting, or drawing? is it writing prose, poetry, or the sci-fi version of your mess, complete with wild alien characters that lead the way through the confusion and reading it to your ally? maybe you move your bodies in ways that represent the messes and feel what it feels like to move through it? perhaps you can map out a comic strip series in which you are both the superhero wierdos who rise out of the chaos with clarity in hand?

decide on your process and get ready to begin…


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