10th Air Q3: Qlarity

Revisit your response to the 10th Air Q2.

Now, carefully go back over the last few months (or years) looking for something in your own actions, thoughts, feelings that seems connected with this unhappy situation.

Take a hard look at how your thoughtforms might have created or contributed to the situation taking place. find dignity in your own accountability.

Refuse to be judgmental, guilty or angry with yourself (the intention is to free yourself from harmful thoughts, not create more of them!)

Accept what you find, forgive yourself.


  • what would it take for you to accept the role you played in your suffering?
  • what do you need from yourself or others to forgive yourself?
  • what you desire in order to truly heal from the situation in order to release the thoughts and feelings about it that no longer serve you so you can make space for new liberating?



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