Temperance (Alchemi) Q6

Now it is time to find a friend, but not just any friend, find one that is all about your vision. Find a friend that has your back, your front, your side, your sole and your crown. This friend is your favorite Cheerleader, all about team you, and you can tell them anything and they will cheer you on.

You know who that person is? If not, this is the time to find them. However, you do not have to wait to do the next step.  you can be that friend.

So CLN, with your favorite, or your favorite mirror. Tell them (or your doppelganger) about that vision board. Tell them like you already have everything on it. tell it like you are already enjoying the fruits of this generous universe.  Was there a car on that vision board; well describe how it felt to drive it.  Was there a lover on that vision board; well describe how they make you feel. Was there a new outfit, or an adventure, or a home. Tell them all about it and don’t forget, this is the moment for excitement – your dreams have come true, how could you not be excited.

Say it like your grateful for it!!!


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