Alchemi Art Temperance Q8

Last thing – congratulations on your success! We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to Alchemize with you and to be witness to such amazing gratitude.

Get it!!!

You Got It!!!

Your Worth it!!!

Its Yours!!!

What?!?! Ok. Clarity is necessary and the question that is being asked even after a congratulation is: What is your stone?

“In alchemy everything is composed of three parts: Sulphur (Soul or individualized essence), Mercury (Life Force), and Salt (Physical Body). It is the Work of the alchemist to separate and recombine these three basic principles as often as necessary until they are in perfect proportion and harmony with each other. When this harmony is achieved, the creation of a ‘stone’ of physical object used in the transformation of the alchemist, or another, via a medium, such as water, wine, or direct contact will be produced.”

CLN is our stone.

What is yours?


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