Most Merciful Universe Q3 – let me love me liqe

today, in the heart of the most merciful

we play: “Let me love me like”

sometimes we find what we need through metaphor, symbol, imagery, sensation, emotion. Sometimes we don’t need to cognize with the organizing mind, and sometimes if we do, the felt sense imagination can be a powerful doorway to more expansive and intimate inter relating and co-creativity.


play 🙂


“let me love me like…,”

“brown rice,

weighted dice,

let me love me like maps to the underground railroad

on what grandma’s quilting

and we’re leaving tonight…”



you go: “let me love me like…”


what’s the sensation?


how does this effect your direct experience of being loved?

of what’s possible through being loved?

by the self?

ad the all there is?

and another?

and a community?

and a set of agreements and systems that tell you they love you quite practically,

and nurture your thorough, holistic well being in the every day?


“Let me love me like…”

peep the rough draft:



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