Most Merciful Universe Q8: Quiet

Seneca says, “Mercy is a restraining of the mind from vengeance when it is in its power to avenge itself, or it is gentleness shown by a powerful [hue]man in fixing the punishment of a weaker one.” (II.3)

To be both the stronger and the weaker, this is the gift of our humanness; how do you Compassionate Living Nowness, show mercy?

Lets Meditate on it:

Quiet the mind, find a comfortable seated position on a chair or on the floor (use a cushion or several if you want). Sit upright and relaxed, allowing your hands to rest wherever they feel most comfortable. Let you tongue rest on the roof of your mouth, behind your middle two front teeth. Now, notice your body. its shape, its weight, its width, get curious about your body — the sensations, the connection with the floor or the chair. Relax any tension using the breath—breathe.

Tune in, feel the in and out flow of breath—in, out. You cannot do this wrong. Notice where you feel your breath the most in your body. It may be in stomach, it may be the chest, the throat or nostrils. Notice the sensations of breath—one breath at a time.

Now if your mind starts to wander, no worries, that is what the mind does,  just notice and gently bring your attention back to the breath. And again, when you get lost in thought, gently return to your breath.

This is where you can truly practice mercy; if negative thoughts arise, notice your body, relax into your seat, then relax even more, breathe into the tension, allowing your focus to be on the feeling of relaxation, gratitude, appreciation—the breath.

You can practice mercy on yourself, with each and every breath.

Namaste MotherFather!!!


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