Strength & Lust Q2: Questions (Trigger Warning)

We at Creative Liberation Now, feel the pull of re-evolutionary thought and possibility; we do not want to shy away from the troubled truths that we must deal with as human beings and call on our creative impulses to lead us to the most equitable, liberated and humane possibilities for our interconnected reality.

Today, the issues that we are contemplating are: Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking and Rape Culture.

We recognize the potential impact(s) of simply mentioning these realities, and our tendency towards hiding from what is painful – which can be a necessary response to trauma.  We honor your boundaries and invite your creative minds, spirits and bodies to respond to these as a way to manifest a future were violence connected to sex, bodies and power are the stories of extinct practices we use to inform our liberated experiences in the present.

The Questions:

How do you call on your Strength while contributing to this conversation?

What self care will allow for you to creatively engage in these conversations for our shared Liberation?

What type of future can you imagine where these misuses of power have gone extinct?

Be gentle, you cannot do this wrong; and remember the power of this practical magic – water in, water out and water on (Hydrate, urinate, and get in water).


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