Strength & Lust Q7

To have a lust for liberation…using one of our most powerful emotional forces to free ourselves from bondage. Sexual violence has been used by human beings against human beings for milennia. Knowing the power that can be exerted when choosing to oppress a people, CLN invites each of us to find ways to use the erotic for Liberation. It is important that we not focus on only our liberation, honoring the ways that we can be pulled into collusion with oppressive energies when trying to find freedom for only ourselves. Allow this exploration into the alchemic uses of the erotic for liberation to be an uplifting, freeing, liberating act for all beings, calling each of us into integrity, creativity, and health.

Strength and Lust is an invitation to remember and respect the ways erotic power has been and continues to be used in this world. For men, how do we call each other into intergity, creativity, vulnerability, and a throwing off of antiquated patriarchal privilege; for women, can we accept the invitation into liberation and not collude with the suppression of women’s uses of the erotic; for my queer world, how do we continue to invite others out of their hiding places as to make real communication and vulnerageousness possible.

What is Creative Liberation Now?


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