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As we time travel to youth, adulthood, and eldership; as we reach into polyrhythmic perspectives of cyclical non-linear multidimensional space time; I am reminded of the Haudenosaunee Great law of peace that states we must consider the effect of our action for seven generations to come, and we must consider the effect from seven generations before.

Play with us?

Measure the span of your life so far in cycles of seven years (i.e. i’m 34 so 34/7 = 4.86 7 year cycles so far, in June i will have completed 5).

I have lived ___ cycles of 7. (4.86)

I am working on my ____th/nd/rd cycle now. (5th)

For many indigenous peoples around the world, 7 is a holy number. The Kemites connected 7 to a complete body cycle, in which every cell in our body is recreated. For this practice, consider this seven year cycle a personal generation.

So, I am ____ generations into my lifetime. (almost 5)

If we live to 49 we live a complete 7 personal generations, 98, the 14.

From where you are in your multigenerational existence, what are the 7 forward and 7 back calling for from your current era?


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