The Weightless Universe – Q1: Quick & Quiet

“I submit to the just universe, resolved to know bravery, to know compassion, to know justice, to know honesty, to relieve suffering.”

21_The Multiverse_Scales of Justice_formatted

A CLN Prayer for Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Gracious, mercy filled, universe of Justice honoring how it is Just us. We are finding solutions each day to manifest new possibilities with that which we face as a human family growing in the ways we are able to express our interconnected experiences.  We stand for peace, compassion and love each day.  We stand in dignity with broken hearts and open hands.  We share the good news of the day, even as the peripheral stream media seems to miss the mark.  We are of this earth, this earth is of us, and we all rest in this universe – with its diverse beliefs, practices, legacies, legends, gods, goddesses, goodness and potential. We are learning to be together, finding forgiveness for our mistakes, missteps, missed marks and missed deeds. We find our voices each day and speak clearly in many ways, translating as we move lost and found. We ask each other to stand in whole, holy, healthy, happy spirit as reminders of this again and again.  We ask each other to show up as the gift of the past, present and future; remembering that we are one another’s guides to confidence and assurance; that being each other’s light we will emerge from all situations, knowing the weightless sense of victory.  Our hearts are full and ready for Justice (Just Us).

Now we gather to share affirmations with one another and to sweeten the connections that bring us closer.  We Heal our bodies, minds and spirits; we rest in peace and forgiveness, with one another, with our political system, with our religions, with our financial institutions, with our families of all forms, on and on….We are our beacons of light. We are all human and find forgiveness for our selfishness, our anger justified and irrational, we embrace the humanness of ideologies that protect our hearts, and embrace the change that allows our humanity to find acceptance of its multifaceted forms.  We contribute to human goodness, progress, potential, potency. We believe in our capacity to change life and that we walk in grace.  We are blessed with peaceful spirits, a desire for justice, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. We are Love.

Amen. Ashe. And so it is.


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