20th Waxing Moon of the Weightless Universe – BuilderOrganizer of Water – BigQ

14_Builder Organizer of Water_Formatted


“I follow my bliss and am perfectly prepared to achieve my dreams.”


check it out,

you 65% water blood.

bout the same % of water on earth.

water is star juice my cloud




so why not


like a waterfall

in a human body

play conducting the ocean

from the bottom of it

like an orchestra?

while you really actually are,

and the ocean really actually is,

conducting and playing together,

till there’s only music.

But you not even that surprised,

cuz you riding on an endless sea dragon and the music is banging,

so you deep in the cipher,

on them water table beats,

and the sea turtles are dj-ing,

so the songs are like seven years long!!!

on that a deep soul,

you listen to them 90 day long songs?

them 1 year long bearthday songs?

7 years?




on repeat?


my glacier,

conduct and be orchestrated.

conduct and be orchestra equally,

headwaters to the atmospheric moisture,

be all forms at once;


streams, rivers, ponds, lakes,

cenotes, seas and oceans.

vapor, steam, clouds, rain, snow, hail, ice, and glaciers.

be a BuilderOrganizer the way water do.

move with the heir of the heart of water.

in your surrendering, shape the banks of your river,

with your true needs, inclinations, desires, and co-creations.



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