6th Water Q1: Quest

“I exist in love and all that I need is here, now.”

06_6th Water_FINAL

Affirmation offering: read the below prose out loud as many times as needed to feel the essence of the 6th water in you.

if you are feeling extra playful, try reading it with different voices, intonations, volumes, and even with added movements! for an extra challenge, video tape or record yourself and share!

I am the 6th Water, a nurtured child; I come with generosity, purity, youthfulness, and pleasure, all brought forth in harmony. My openness to the ocean-like depth of relationships comes with a sense of gratification and a spirit of intimacy that brings forth beautiful transformation. My pleasure is brought forth by fulfilled erotic, relational, and spiritual connection – it is this holy trinity that allows for fertility in my creative endeavors. My practices with pleasure are healing: they bring forth a deeper understanding of myself and others; this is one of the most beautiful gifts to give and receive, adding richness to our shared humanity. As I open to the wealth of human emotions, I allow pleasure to guide me on my heart’s path toward deeper understanding and a deepened receptivity for love. I acknowledge the violence, anger, and mean-spiritedness in the world, and act in alignment with the sweetness, playfulness, generosity and beauty; today is a day to surrender to the vastness of love. 


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