3rd Sovereign, Communion/Chaos – Q6 – Quit Quit!!!

Forgive and forget…

Let go of anger and bitterness; it will work wonders on your health, spirit, energy and capacity, as well as your relationships.

A wise teacher was walking down the street with their students and out of nowhere a person who seemed to be in road rage came by almost hitting the teacher, they stumbled back blocking the students from harm and said “may you find what you are looking for, safely, in community, surrounded by love.” The students, surprised by the teacher’s  response asked, “why did you say that to a person who is so angry, mean and inconsiderate?” The teacher replied, “a happy person, supported and loved wouldn’t have been driving so thoughtlessly putting us and themselves in danger.”

CLN, what do you think of the teacher’s response?

Free yourself of your anger and resentment today!

Say Prayers for those who have harmed you, and/or prayers for yourself when they come into your mind. “May i/may they be safe loved celebrated happy healthy and free.”

Express Gratitude, your happiness is not dependent on others, count your blessings, or at least list a few to remind yourself of the good in your life.

What is the medicine? What are the lessons? Some Buddhists believe, the greater the misfortune, the closer to enlightenment you are. Christians love to say “God does not give us more than we can handle.” Think of that, your greatest challenge might just be your most profound opportunity. So, what are you learning? Patience; compassion; resilience; forgiveness; open-mindedness? Learn what you need to learn!

Remember, this is just one moment, you have a whole life of experiences, opportunities, memories and lessons, stay aware of the vastness of a whole life.

Many have said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  By holding on to resentment and bitterness, we aren’t simply hurting ourselves, we are giving over our emotional sovereignty.

Stay free!!! Stay in harmony!!! Create consciously!!! Get it!!! It – being your happy life, with love and goodness – positivity attracts positivity.


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