The Celestial Circus Universe -Q2- Quatum Entanglement

In the spirit of the most potent presence, let us become entertained by innocence unjustly judged, now doesn’t that feel like some hell of a circus…judgment brought down upon a life. Let us here at CLN call in a master of ceremony for time taken. Richard Phillips, at this moment 71 years old, was sent to prison for a murder he did not commit, 45 YEARS IN PRISON…45 Years…in prison…45 years.

Here is the lesson from this potent presence, “I was upset at first, but mistakes happen in this world. No life is perfect. Everybody has problems. It would be unimaginable for me to be upset because I had problems, because everybody has them.”

Let us applaud this potent presence – the master of ceremony for time taken.


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