The Celestial Circus Universe Q4: Quest

you know that act that has been living only in the realm of imagination? the one you are thrilled about one day showcasing under the big-top but for this reason and that reason and perhaps a little bit of distraction, procrastination, unrealistic expectations, self-doubt, or the like, the act has yet to EVER come to life?

well, today’s the day to take a step towards it’s big debut. even if it’s a tiny step. maybe the vision is ONLY a vision, and it’s not even clear enough to you to communicate about it, get some clarity now! if you’ve never written or spoken about this wild idea, do so now! if you’ve written and shared about it but never taken action to bring the idea out of the dream realm, figure out what the first realistic step towards actualization is and do that now! figure out what the right step is for YOU, call in an ally or more if you need it, and make today the first day you take the first step to that new act coming to life!

that all said, it might be that the ONLY step you can take is being willing to let go of one of the acts that might be replaced by this new one. that can be a big step in-and-of itself. wherever you are at, celebrate your celestial circus, call on the power of stardust that you are made of, and get ready to SHINE even brighter as the Greatest of All Times YOU!


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