Feeler Healer of Air – Q3 – Quignogs


A white nationalist Quignog: a white ethno-state where each race lives in a separate nation.

A male chauvinist Quignog: women only speak when spoken to and stay at home raising children and their dresses on command.

A homophobes Quignog: the whole LGBTQQIAAP community goes through conversion therapy and it works.

A xenophobes Quignog: everyone’s a xenophobe.

A racist’s Quignog: race is not a social construct and people that have the same skin color as me are superior.

A ableist Quignog: my Temporarily Abled Bodied experience makes me better than those who are differently abled.

A speciest Quignog: MAN shall have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the beasts of the fields, the plants, bugs, air, water, and all the earth as well as every creeping thing that creeps creepily, including Mother Nature they-self.

A War-Mongers Quignog: There will always be war.

A white liberals Quignog: I know how to help, know what’s best, and have no idea what a micro-aggression is.

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Note: Quignogs are: pipe-dreams, ridiculous thoughts, ridiculous ideas — unattainable, fanciful hopes or schemes. For all you haters of diversity, equity, connection and vulnerability; We Matter, get use to it!!!



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