21st Waning Moon – 7th Earth – Big Q

07_7th Earth_Formatted

“Any beauty I see lives within me. I rest in this beauty and the world forms to reflect me.”

I am a mirror to the worlds true nature, the world is a mirror to mine.

I am always noticing which aspects of my nature I wish to experience.

Yes, I follow the answers that arise in my thoughts, emotions, sensations, my deepest yearnings, knowings, and wonderings, and, in what arises in my life right now, in this world, and in these times.

Sometimes, these answers are less sexy than my wildest dreams, than what i’ve been sold as health, or wealth, or goodness. Sometimes these answers are devastating to admit because I am still guarding from, or loyal to complex childhood attacks on my innocence, my body, my truth, my self, and my world. Everyday there are systems and cultures of oppression, extraction, and manipulation with incomprehensible momentum threatening attack. Everyday i am clarifying who and what i am, and am not.

I am the warrior of the mirrorcle.

I go to art, the art of living, as a keeper of dynamic peace, healing, and awakening.

I am the mirror of 7 genertions back and 7 forward.   

My weapon is compassionate vulnerageosness non-attachment, and clear devotion to my whole self.

I watch all internal and external phenomena with great love. 

I am the mirror, none of what passes through is me,

and I am the source of the reflection, so all of it is. 

My weapon is my capacity to let it all pass through freely.

As I clarify who and what I am and am not, I simply rest in these truths and allow the world to form to reflect them.

I practice looking at myself in the mirror of the world, and the world in the mirror of the self, from all angles.

I recognize the sexy in every angle, I choose what I wish to see freely, with great honesty, and i meet whatever and whomever arises with wisdom, knowing they are an answer to my mirror wishes.   


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