All Ways Open at the Crossroads Universe -Q1- BigQ

I am dichotomous serene celestial energy, evoking peaceful intensity.”



A hummingbird must consume approximately 1/2 of its weight in sugar daily.

My dearest CLNer, it is time to be like the hummingbird, yet instead of sugar, its time to get that nectar. Its time to live life to your fullest, filling yourself with it everyday, consume enough of it to know the glass that is you is half full, not half empty.

Abundance means a very large quantity of something, plenty, more than enough…

nature grows and becomes more. life creates, new people, new trees, new plants, new fruit, new grass; Newness is constantly manifesting; new cars; new houses, new jobs…

even the Universe is expanding and new stars are being born…

abundance is everywhere in the Universe, which includes your personal life — if you let it.

Abundance manifests in so many ways; an air to breathe, an abundance of time to spend, an abundance of love, friends, family, opportunities, an abundance of food, water, houses, fun times, and good deeds, and such an abundance of energy. Can we count the trees in our forests, the blades of grass our fields, the grains of sand on our beaches or the drops of water in our oceans…

Can you name all the gods that have existed on this earth or all the planets in the universe. This is all nectar, get to know it, become intimate with it, cultivate the deepest attraction for it – because this is about attracting enough abundance into your life, to fill s at least half your body   daily with the nourishment of gratitude.

It is time to develop an “abundance consciousness”.

“Abundance consciousness” means, becoming aware of the existence of abundance, because you can’t get full if you don’t believe there is enough…there has to be so much abundance that you feel it in your life, that you connect with it, even if it doesn’t seem to be so at this moment. This “abundance consciousness” asks that we feel and believe that we are a part of and have access to the universes abundance…

open your mind to abundance, feel it, expect it, know it

recognize greater opportunities now

break through limiting beliefs

and think in unlimited ways…

There is abundance in the Universe, and everyone is part of it, no matter where they live, and independent of circumstance. To begin visualization and affirmations are a way to tap into the power of manifestation…

Remember like the hummingbird, we are trying to imbibe half our weight, size energy with gratitude for abundance, each and everyday. Start now, express gratitude in advance for what’s already yours….

So what’s the dichotomy? Scarcity.

And we at cln, ask that each of us meditate on scarcity, as though it is a work of art, where there might only be one, but it can be shared widely. Allow scarcity to be like Jesus’ five loaves and two fish, where a little can go a long way. Miracles, are possible, who knew that starry night, would come in poster form, or that we could all have Mona Lisa throwing us though eyes…scarcity can become abundance, its how choose to see it, with limitation or expansiveness.


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