The Hierophant – Q1 – BigQ

“I am the universe and I listen lovingly to myself.”



To any spiritual seeker for whom it may concern:

Who teachin’ you? Who you listenin’ to? Who guidin’, cosignin’, remindin’, challengin’, and givin’ lifetime to you? Who whisperin’ verse in your ear, to better your chances here, to highlight miracles and what’s possible near…and far? Where your sangha, church, mosque, CLN, or spiritual community?

How you gonna heighten your vibration? thru education, cultural stimulation, initiation, or a rites of passage process…meditation, prayer, or practice…service, art or play…

This is the time to choose your guides with the wisdom of a lifetime…mentors, coaches, therapists, professors…all of these can be who you need and only you can know if your ready; and continued learning is necessary to fulfill with skill the dreams that have manifest with a need to be real.


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