22nd Full Moon – Bare Witness – BigQ

“I go into myself to find the world; I go into the world to lose myself.”

0_09_Bear Witness_formatted

Bare witness,

Blessings my soul!!!

You have journeyed deep inside yourself to find me.


Please, have some honey from the fire.

Drink in the embrace of your mother earth

from here inside her belly.

Let the wisest insights

slice through the streams of consciousness,

jump into your mouth,

and nourish you with the blessings of the waters.


You have learned of a love inside of you!

The earth brings spring from your bones!

The great galactic center is re-balancing your center of gravity!

Walk lightly, with all your weight,

you have emptied a great one,

and the fabric of the universe opens to you,

beckoning your most honest dreams!


Listen to the truths and lean back into them.

No need to try now, you can feel the great mystery carrying you, when you remember this witness is enough.



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