2nd Fire – Q6 – 1, Q, 3

02_2nd Fire_Formatted

I represent completion. The 1st completion. The splitting of the one, bubbled forth from the none, into two.

Now we can play!!!

This creates the gathering spirit, the three, so I also represent beginnings.

In this way each completion is also a beginning. Of course.

Today, use things that come in twos; perhaps your legs, your eyes, your nostrils, your arms, hands, bio parents, dyadial partnerships, etc… To experience completion. A complete breath, in and out. Complete. A complete step, 1 and 2, complete. A complete vision, right here on this screen, in my image, complete. A union that birthed you, complete. A mirror for the perfect reflection you are needing right now, complete. And so on.

And then, with these things in twos, find what these completions birth…



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