2nd Air Q1: Quarrel

“I am a paradox, creative and at peace.”

02_2nd Air_FINAL

is there a conflict in your life that you’ve been avoiding, either internally or externally?

Sometimes the first step towards peace can be indulging in the chaos.

today you are invited to acknowledge, accept, and celebrate it. call it what it is, embrace the friction, and mindfully make some moves towards it…

give the conflict an opportunity to let you know what it needs from you in order to move.

set aside a few minutes of your day and just go at it — with yourself. forgive voice to all the perspectives present in the conflict, and have a quarrel out loud, in the mirror, with animated movement, in a whisper…whatever works for you. Get creative, and get quarreling!

Make note of how your body feels afterwards and what came up in the process.



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