Feeler Healer of Water Q1

11_Feeler Healer of Water_FINAL


KA: Princess of Cups; The Seat of MerPower; Iridea Dances with Tides; The Lovers Crowned Birth; Ocean’s Dream of Being; Creator’s Golden Gate Tale; Water Lily’s Blessing; Creative Futures Manifest

CLN: I am perfect just as I am.”

RSE: Magic is all around; this is a time for the fertility of imagination; allow healing to flow in; honor creativity as creator and created; pray for glory and grace for those who suffer including yourself; witness and accept birth, growth, maturity and death.

PPA: Sea Beet & Water Lily

BA: Legs

BP: Mermaid Pose

Qs: #JohnOfGod #DropsOfHolyWater #Nefertem #Naginyasana #TempleOfTheWaters

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