BuilderOrganizer of Earth -Q5- Quest

This life, this earth, calls us into our desires constantly, calls us to clarify, know the details, and be able to speak about them…pesky desires.

Today is a day to know the side of your desire that is not dependent on outside circumstances.

What don’t you want?

What do you want?

What are the surface desires you are holding, those desires obsessed with stuff—getting it and keeping it.

We don’t want to ruin your idea of list magic, but there’s considerable evidence that not all our desires come true. If wanting something were the source of absolute power, every person would have miraculous stories of manifestation or we all would be dead many times over and every lottery ticket would be the big win. We are often afflicted by things we aren’t trying to manifest; many ancient wisdom traditions teach that no outside relationship, location, or stuff can “make” us happy. We are told that to rediscover our core we practices, such as: meditation, intuition, renunciation of surface desires, loving kindness, compassion, and acceptance of the life we have.

Become skilled at self care practices and begin to allow yourself to feel more peace, joy, connection and acceptance. Neurologists keep telling us that folks who are into self care have increased neural connections in parts of their brains responsible for happiness and the really amazing thing about the tapping into ones core is that when you make a magic lists from that place, they work!

Its time to practice…take some ttime to tap into you basic goodness today, into that golden center that cannot be tarnished by any action, belief, experience or idea; meditate, pray, play and begin to cultivate happiness in this moment.

And each time you feel that acceptance of now, then you begin to dream.

Dream from your highs!!!



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