The Gift – Q7 – QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFooldom

04_02_4th Earth_Formatted

My dear QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFool, in your quest to govern well what walls have you built to define the Freedom you preside over? Are there any ready to be torn down? Expanded? Reinforced?

Try this:

Clench your fists, your feet, your arms, your legs, your jaw, and all your muscles into the power of extreme closing.

Now, open your palms till your fingers backbend, open your feet till your toes point towards your shins, open your arms till you bow, spread your legs till you are low, open your whole body until you are noticeably vulnerably in the power of extreme opening.

Play between the totally closed and totally opened until you find a balance that feels appropriate for gentleness and growth in your world, for the kind of QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFooldom you all desire.


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