BT CLN (Band Together Creative Liberation Network)

CLN’s musical arms;
Them fools,
them Multiverse; Singing free through creativity.
Ascen-Dance Music; Bay Area Hip-Hop; Head banging Water babies Breathing Fire and unEarthing collaborative potential; Building bridges of harmonic intelligence.

Much like life and a box of seeds and chocolates in the forest, you never know what you gonna get; Viola’s, Alfias, Koras, Djembe’s, Thriving Choirs; Portuguese, OnatsaTis. From PLACE to place in free form jazz odyssey, and it’s only just beginning, that’s only what it’s been…  

-Amani Will / Wa Ama & the Lion Truth / Amutabi Todaii the Dandilionesque Buddha Belly, CLN, & You…

Right now, we are building a 7 Album, 108 song musical catalog, as part of a larger book and tarot deck project. The 7 albums will be presented as a single catalog, with each song embodying a different card and each album representing the 7 directions, the 4 elements, the Major arcana, the 13 Fools and the 13 Multiverse in The Fools Tarot.

Check out the Cards that have Songs with them already:

0_01_the-communicator_formatted14_Builder Organizer of Fire_FINAL0_06_01_The Lovers_duo_formatted 0_08_peace-and-justice_formatted09_9th Earth_Formatted.jpg00_The Foxy Fool_FINAL                                                      02_2nd Earth_Formatted   00_pitty-the-fool

We aim to make music that hits us with that love we recognize immediately, and that creative spark we have never heard before.




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