9/30 New Moon2: Juggling Fool Q#1

“I am one fly Juggling genius=fool!”



My dearest Creator of Living Nuance, juggler of emotion, knowledge, experience, life and death. Did you know, sweet balancer of 10,000 things, there has been documentation of Juggling throughout our shared human growth; the Aztec Juggled, the Naskapi Juggled, the Eskimo, the Achomawi, the Bannock, the Shoshone, the Ute, the Zuni, the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, the Egyptians–all juggled? Did you know one of the earliest records of juggling is painted on the wall of Baqet III’s Tomb, a provincial governor of Menat-Khufu during the Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt? One painting is of female dancers and acrobats juggling up to three balls, and one girl is juggling with her arms crossed; another is of four girls playing a juggling game where two girls throw and catch a ball while being carried on the backs of the others.

Want to hear something amazing, before a battle between the states of Chu and Song in the Spring and Autumn period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty around the year 603 BC, Xiong Yiliao, a Chu Warrior, stepped between the armies and juggled nine balls, it so amazed the Song troops that all five hundred of them turned and ran, allowing the Chu army to claim victory and the conflict between the two states was ended.

My Coordinated Love Navigator, Juggling is a part of your ancestral route (root), and oh how skilled we have become: 9-5 jobs, children, pets, schedules, desires, chores, relationships, global events, all of the –isms, and your unique awareness.

Tell us, you Fool of Juggling Genius, how does Juggling all that is “YOU” feel in your body? How are you claiming victory with your juggling genius?

Paint about how you balance on your feet while juggling, make a video of the ways your hands move while catching and releasing, take a picture of the 10,000 things you are keeping perfect track of; show us in your unique inspired creative way, how you keep it all in the air. Don’t worry, you can’t do this wrong–remember, you Juggling genius, even dropping the ball has its advantages.


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