11/6 Extra Q: Tig Fool Q#8

Black Lives Matter!!! Now watch the Wiz.

The Wiz is a reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s classic 1900 children’s novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, featuring an entirely black cast: Dorothy (Diana Ross), the Wiz (Richard Pryor), the Scarecrow (Michael Jackson), the Tin Man (Nipsey Russell) and the Cowardly Lion (Ted Ross). What is a film that would be amazing reimagined with an all Black Cast?

Home has always been a tenuous invitation for Black Americans in the United States, and stories that take the time to consider the difference in experience are valuable, are necessary. Consistent Liberation Narrative, or Creative Lives Note: “There’s no place like home fool, I am the place to be, I am the home for me” Black Lives Matter!

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