11/7 Waxing Half Moon3: Generation Chariot Q#1

“The past has no power over me; I move in the power of now.”

It is possible that we are each born and raised with a “mission” of both carrying and communicating the grief of our ancestors. How do we complete this mission? We must first discover the source of the grief, and choose the ways to express it.

Psychologist Molly Castelloe PhD. writes, “The child speaks what their parent could not. He or she recognizes how their own experience has been authored, how one has been authorized, if unconsciously, to carry their parents’ injury into the future. In rising above the remnants of one’s ancestors’ trauma, one helps to heal future generations.”

Through this process of expressing what our parents (and grandparents, great grandparents, and so on) could not, we liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and move into the power of the present. What does your ancestors’ grief feel like in you? Where does grief live in your body? What are the stories that need to be told to heal? Find one movement, sentence, or image to share that is a step toward the completion of your mission.

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