11/14 Full Moon3: 4th Water Q#1

“Love is abundant and accessible within and without.”


Lovely solitary meditator, observant and peace-filled, blessed by company, ocean inside out sunrise human-rise landscape Body with all of This inside; Humpback consciousness traveling to feed and commune.

Would you like to be…

Candidate (holding fireside discussion with no self) /LandLord (keeper of Guest house with One Sun Star) /Naked (Sweet witness of bare hibernating soul)?

How are you running things inside that WaterMelonMind, chakras in alignment all, dreamers Lucid eyes closed, Ocean creature 70% unwind, even if you are holding your breath-turns, the inhale or exhale will come one last time, born drowned, in search of…

What do you search for within?

Living with that question — sing a song about it, dedicated a dance to it, paint, scream, write, video tape or create poetry about it and share it with the people around you, your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group,and/or respond with a comment on this blog.


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