11/15 Quest: 4th Water Q#2

Take some time to sit and be with all that is present Courageous Lion Neighbor. Today is a day of action, we stand in dignity with Standing Rock, we sit in witness of ourselves and how solidarity lives within us, we notice the ways our collective movement supports the generations to come.

How are you Standing Rock? How do you disrupt the pipelines that poison and put us in danger? Oil pipelines, school to prison pipelines, COINTELPRO to Crack-pipe-lines, power and poverty pipelines. In this western society meditation is often made synonymous with peaceful sitting monks awaiting enlightenment, then death…we here at CLN want to honor the history of meditators who have sat, stood, walked, and breathed for Justice. From standing and sitting in front of tanks, warring armies, officers, on the steps of power all over the world, and in our holy quiet places with each breath calling forth victory and abundant love.

Today Courageous Lion Neighbor, we meditate with the waters, on the depth of our connection to our sacred waters and how water is life. What do you hear, see, and understand after sitting in solidarity with the waters and those that protect them?


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