11/21 Waxing Crescent Moon 3: VisionaryDreamer of Water Q#1


“I Know what i want – i know the universe will provide all that is needed”


We are 2/3rds water my drop!!!
1.4 million of us in the tuyshtak tamalpais bay share our source of water in the Mokulumne headwaters.
Our bodies waters are made largely from the same source, a living spring in the mountains of the northern Miwok.
From redirected springs, streams, and rivers, into reservoirs and faucets; We are from the Apus and all the land our waters travel, and all our relations who live from them like us!!!

Bang your Head Waters Natives, Bang your Head Waters!!!!
Mokelumne on mines!!!

These lands have been stolen by those who know not how, and care not to remember, to live in balance with our earth and in our worlds.
We solute In fluid solidarity with all our Mokulumne Kin.
Our standing rock.
Our TuoTuo Tanggula in tibet, Mweru, the grandmother of the river Nile,
Water protectors in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Rojava, Turkey, Spain, Basque Country, Flint;
The Zapatistas in chiapas, the Omo in Ethiopia;
Everybody everywhere under occupation in imperial reign.
We know that water is life. We know that life is a precious thing. You know we don’t think twice, about protecting this precious thing.

VisionaryDreamer of Water;
In this Ocean dream you lucid visionary,
Speak from the headheartoceanglacialthunderswamp-dewdrop
Sweatbeadbloodneed-riverspringwatersource Yoube.
Help us guide the waters home
How do the waters speak through you?
please share what they say, anywhich way…

Share it with the people around you, your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, respond with a comment on this blog, how else…?

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