11/22 Waxing Crescent Moon 3: VisionaryDreamer of Water Q#2

VisionaryDreamers of Water, in the fashion of Breakthrough Communities, we locate ourselves in what we are waking up to.

Join us in a reorienting meditation:

Sitting by a body of water, could be a dew drop, a glass, or the ocean, or yourself;

1st let us find ourselves by considering what we are waking up to as a Me, a We, and the Now.


1. What am I saying yes to?
2. No to?
3. What am I grounding my life through?
4. What is expanding for me now?
5. Repeat these questions for our communities’, countries’, and worlds’ collective awakening processes.
6. Ground it all in the Now by describing a sensation you can locate in your body.

Describe the sensation’s location, movement, temperature,  appearance, the time it lives in, etc… Be sure to speak to where it is in your body and what it actually sensorially feels like.

Embodiment is unplugging from the Matrixes of Imperial and Patriarchy and returning to our own vast networks of direct knowing.

7. Now, Orient yourself to the four cardinal sacred directions, (East, South, West, North) And the seven (Below, Above, Center). (Turn to your left and face each direction, spend a little time with what each direction connects to for you).
8. Embody the four elements, (Feel Air, Fire, Water, & Earth in your body) and the three parts of the atom, (Sense into the elctromagnetic fields of the Electron, Proton, & Neutron – the Negative, Positive, Neutral charges in your body ) (imagine / sense your atomic structure).
9. Center yourself in your own center of gravity, in the place where we orbit effortlessly with the planets and moons and sun, and our contellations, and the black wHole in the center of the galaxy.
10. Now return to this body of Water you are sitting with. Open your awareness to them and let them teach you about embodying the water of your body. Move, breathe, make sounds, sit especially deliciously still, tell story, express and experiance with the waters.
11. Meditate like this in each stage of the water cycle, and notice those stages of water in your own body.
12. Orient us with Yourwater’s VisionaryDreams, post on social media networks, in a comment on this blog, and/or in the CLNFacebook Group: #clnTheDreamsofmyWater

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