11/29 New Moon4: Drunken Fool Q#1

“I drink of spirit and drown in wisdom, freedom, and peace.”


Drunken Fool (D.F.) and the C.L.N. method:

C.L.N. – You, Clumsily Living Near me, tell me about that which you drink to find wisdom, freedom and peace?

D.F. – Who me? With my intoxicated swag I drink dem’ spirits, wino barrel rolled Oak grown town sown black grapes picked and plundered worth more than any full bodied masterpiece shipped across the ocean in fleets. I like dem’ aged 6 million years on the soil of this here plentiful blessed badass earth, decanted ancestral blood, popped cork baby born flowing bouquet blooming and wilting like a muthafatha!!! Look at these legs!!! My first drink was through my skin, that amniotic ocean my mama made for me. Then it was breath i gulped, drowned ancestors’ exhales; The bar-less tenders bridging sight and unseen; I got so drunk I imagined past, present, future and created a self and whole worlds around it.  My mama’s milk calmed me, drunk in her love and wonder, warmed to sleep in the arms of her fluid solid burning breathing world.

C.L.N. – Describe these ancestors you keep invoking you Drunken Fool?

D.F. – All of us need direction on the path, for mewe, it’s the roots soiled in dirt and water, sunshine and moonlight, been looking for the switch for a long time. I am describing me, ancestor to be, and the tree that follows me and leads me, shades me, it flows from the place my tall tale tail sign wags us in spiraling warbling orbit through space time experience creation sensation. `

C.L.N. – What’s the sensation you Drunken CLN Fool?

D.F. – The sensation is…

What’s the sensation? Sensations are physical feelings or perceptions resulting from something that happens in the body, to the body or comes into contact with the body via the five and/or more senses. Paint a picture, do a collage, make a video, take a photo sharing the sensation on your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or respond with a comment on this blog.


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